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Your design. Our precision engineering & fabrication.

Getting your business identity on your wall has never been easier.

ENGRAPHIX can create your logo in dimensional materials for
your reception area walls, conference room walls, exterior and
interior walls. Your company logo is an important part of your image
and we will work with you to create that good impression for clients
coming to your office or facility.

We can help you easily get your name and logo mounted on any wall
or surface. Just email
sales@wall-logos.com with the following:

A photo of the reception wall where you want the logo mounted
The dimensions (length and height) of the wall
Artwork file(s) of the logo (.AI or .EPS files preferred)

We will create a Photoshop rendering illustrating your logo on your
own wall and email it to you with a price quote within five days.

Installation is a breeze. Your maintenance department, carpenter, or
local sign company will be able to install your logo with our
easy-to-follow instructions. Wall-Logos will provide you with all
the hardware and mounting templates needed.

Beyond wall logos, Engraphix also engineers and manufactures a range of
high-end architectural signage and provides complete custom fabrication
services for retail, corporate and institutional clients nationwide. We are
located in 40,000 square feet of offices, studio and fabrication facilities in
Saint Louis, Missouri.

To learn more about Engraphix and see our full capabilities, please visit
our main site at

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